Please experienced MOM talk about one year old baby with high pillow right!

One-year-old infant head development within is an important stage, appropriate pillows to head the blood circulation, promote growth and development. If you choose, not only affect the physiological functions of the head and neck, and may also cause some anomalies.

Therefore, the choice and use for baby pillow is a lot of stress

1. within three months of the appropriate pad high upper body: 3 months baby sleeping, lay back and head should be in the same plane, neck and back muscles natural relaxation. Baby head large, almost shoulder width, side head and body are in the same plane. If high pillow, easy to make the neck to bend, also can cause breathing difficulties, which affects the normal growth and development.But in order to prevent spit milk and, if necessary, you can put your baby to the upper body fit pad a little higher.

2. three months after beginning to use pillow: children three months after the beginning of the spinal cervical physiological bends forward occurs; six months baby start to learn sat, spine thoracic began to physiological bends, the shoulder is also developing additional width. Therefore, in order to maintain physiological bends, maintaining posture comfort baby three months after the start using pillows, pillow width and length of head ings, and baby’s shoulder width is most suitable, height to 3 ~ 4 cm and is under constant development of infants and gradually adjust.

3. the pillow is not suitable for soft and hard: a good baby pillow, baby head of blood circulation, helps regulate the metabolism of neural, body fluids. Pillowcase best with soft white or light-coloured cotton production, pillow texture should be soft, lightweight, breathable, moisture absorption, uniform, thick and soft. You can select the barnyard grass seeds, Wick grass, Po fleece, buckwheat and other filling materials. Someone with a tea, green bean, late silkworm sand, bamboo mushrooms, chrysanthemum, papaya, filling the pillow can also, but is not appropriate to use foam or acrylic, cotton when filling. Folk habits with millet, sorghum and even mung bean as baby pillow filled pillows, these are very hard, think baby sleeping hard some pillows can make skull looks sturdy, head of shape looks nice, actually this is not right.

Pediatric skull is relatively soft, Fontanelle and cranial suture has not completely closed, long-term use texture excellent pillows, causing head deformation, or side of the face, a side effect of small faces, beautiful appearance. Perfect pillow also affects baby sleep quality, and even a friction from baldness, the pillow was bald and easy to mistake the baby calcium deficiency.

4. baby pillow to “ordinary”: Pillow to often in the sun exposure, pillowcase to always wash, often change. Because children with metabolic exuberant, head sweat, sweat and dandruff mixed easy to glue the pathogenic microorganisms in pillow surface, easy evoked facial eczema and scalp infection, exposure to the virus often, pillowcase often wash, often changing to keep clean and hygienic.


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