Baby 14 months should add something secondary food?

My baby has 14 months, the most recent poor appetite are unknown to him a little better what secondary food??

If it is pure breast feeding, wait six months to be added, if it is artificial feeding, four months is going to start adding up. Add a complementary objective is to supplement inadequate human milk nutrition, the second is to increase nutrition to meet the rapid growth and development, the third is a weaning. Add baby solid food is essential for the baby’s digestion and nutrient needs progressively increased, first try a, and so eat 3 by 5 days or a week later, the children have not digested phenomenon, and one that cannot be 1-2 days increased 2-3.

Add the amount of food should be small to large, from fluid transition to semifluid, then transition to solid. For example, give the baby to drink chips, then the gruel, thick porridge, soft food, and finally you can eat bread. To not like to eat solid food for babies, especially in dairy eating before, because the baby is hungry to accept other food.

When children are ill, such as fever, diarrhea, or are in the hot summer, should slow the adding of new foods, so that children do not adapt, cause indigestion.

Each time you add a new secondary food should closely monitor its digestibility, if found in the stool exception or other circumstances, such as increased stool, or exhaust non-digested food waste, etc, should pause to feed this kind of food, to restore normal bowel movements, then slowly from a small number of gradually try to add.

Add supplementary food program:

  • 4 months: begin adding egg yolk.
  • 5-6 months: eat rotten rice, vegetables, fish soup, etc.
  • 7-8 months later: lean meat, fish, egg, chicken liver, liver
  • 11 months: dumplings, bread, soft food, etc.

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