My baby doesn’t like to eat vegetables?

My baby is almost three and a half, just don’t like to eat vegetables, meat, vegetables and rarely eat even more reluctant to eat, and you give him the green vegetables, put into the mouth he’ll give you spit out. In the usual talk he knows how to talk to you don’t eat your vegetables does not work, will not grow tall. Usually you had in his food in some vegetable juice. Members of the Po Po mom dad and what better way to let your baby loves to eat vegetables?

You can try to do all sorts of porridge. For example, the fish and shrimp meat ready torn, or crush mixed into porridge or meal, at first a little, and fish are all white meat, invisible; can also be cooked lean meat porridge to his drinking, Surimi in the water smell, and join over rice, cooked, add a little ginger and spring onion, coriander (to see your baby receives, some babies do not like so much flavor, some liked), I felt very fragrant, and finally add some salt.

My principle is that if he saw dish not to eat, then put the dishes are done away, can not see. Later used can be a little bit of added.

In addition, from the psychological nor on his show instead of eating food is very serious. He refused to eat, the more we need to eat more vegetables, and demonstrate good looks, he at first refused to eat or not to force him.

Patience, wait for him to eat. It doesn’t matter.

How to let kids no longer etc

Pediatric partial eclipse is a bad eating habits, and began to occur in childhood. Long etc will give a child’s healthy development risk. Children deprived of parents headache, favoritism makes child nutritional imbalances have anorexia, seriously affect the child’s growth and development. As parents, children deprived of the how to correct?

First of all, parents should be aware of their eating habits, to set an example for the children. Children’s taste is affected by the environment shaped by, first, by parents and deeds, attitude. If adults are critical of the food or in front of the children said that’s not good, that’s not good, no taste, children will be counted, not love to eat these foods. Therefore, in order to correct the children deprived of parents should be aware of their eating habits, to set an example for the children. When the food out, parents can use “Ah, the sweet!” ” I would now like to eat the food, do you? ” Cordially language manufacturing a pleasant emotions, so that young children are infected.

Secondly, you should do a recipe. Some parents on the child’s request to blindly without compromise, see kids like to eat some food or a food nutrition, eat every day for the children, the kids eat too much will no longer want to eat. Some children eating some sort of their favorite foods, uncontrolled eating too much and eat bad stomach, then on this food produce fear not dare eat slowly formed a partial eclipse. As a parent to a child of scientifically arrangements, some recipes that kids are not favorite food mixed with other food, make a aromatic and taste-all good food to attract children.

In addition, the new child overcome shyness of food. Some children have not eaten the food can’t or won’t try to say the zuiying: I do not like to eat! if incorrect boot, slowly children’s eating habits. So parents should create something for the children and children with the opportunity to eat at home, make favoritism children we all enjoyed eating environment are infected, and try to eat, and gradually get rid of dietary habits.


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