How to cook millet gruel taste better?

Cooked millet to baby, baby does not like it, the taste is delicious, but the taste seems to be in flux, as large cooked glutinous rice, how can let taste better, to the point of chant

One is to add a little rice and, secondly, in the way of cooking and appliances have been paying attention.

Method: boil boiling, opened a small fire slowly simmer, not always fire, slow simmer of porridge to stick together.

Appliances: If there is a pressure cooker, using pressure cooker boil, boil-out porridge stick-slip, does not appear you slag slag. If you worry about the pressure cooker is not safe to buy a cooking boiling time 2 used rice cookers, just press SHIFT, and approximately 1 and a half hours, or you can get out of that slide slippery sticky porridge.

I stayed for baby is millet + rice rice cooker just stalls 1 each half an hour.

In addition, millet is cool, the baby should not eat more, if you want to eat, things to be combined with warm, for instance, with a little bit of brown sugar.

So the reason is that I can see your information is in Wuxi, Jiangnan, and millet is the staple food in the North, because northerners eat warm things, such as onion, mutton and beef. So eat millet is nourishing, and millet’s cool off, no problem.

Hope the above information will help.


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