Baby small as large as the two nuts not what

My baby is born with the right small dash didn’t come down, then after a few at the end of the day, but not the left. Now the baby was five months, the right of small nuts than born is big, sometimes small dash off to the right of the above to the touch, only to the following rehu. Hospitals see, the doctor said nothing, but I always feel uncertain, do not know the baby grow older right small dash will not grow as large as the top and left, will not affect its future development or what?

Of newly born infants with cryptorchidism, and premature infants is as high as 30%. However most are born a few months or a year or so, testis in endocrine factors, and can be dropped into the scrotum, which reduces the incidence of 0.8%. Within one year old patient observation, cryptorchidism may wait until its natural decline.

On the one-year-old future cryptorchid medical treatment should be given first, namely the application of the HCG injection of 500 units, 3 times per week, for 1 ~ 3 months, approximately 20% of children with cryptorchidism may decline.

For drug treatment is not optimal, may within five years of implementation of surgical treatment. Two in three days may be discharged from hospital1) cryptorchid means baby born after one-sided or two-sided testicles is not reduced to the scrotum, but stay in the abdominal cavity, groin, and so on.

““General body temperature is higher than the scrotal temperature from 1 to 2 degrees Celsius, if not in the scrotum and testes in other parts of the body, and affects the testis development, there is the possibility of carcinogenesis. Therefore, any proposal discovery-Qiang: “boy, only one side of the scrotum have testis or testicle, not to the hospital as soon as possible a Doppler, confirmed is cryptorchid and cryptorchidism in specific locations. “

Find baby cryptorchidism, General it is recommended that you use of chorionic gonadotropin in the treatment of several months, if the whereabouts of testicular cannot on its own to the scrotum in children 1 year old to be doing surgery.

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