My daughter of jaundice excess situation

My daughter is 12-15, the afternoon on the day of birth, birth in hospital after a toilet, a doctor will let us go home, December 18, back to the hospital do series of checks found jaundice index is high, as was 14.8mg/100ml is other doctors say is normal, it is a bit high jaundice, let the next day another hospital looking at .20, go to the numerical high, doctors, 21.3 give hospitalized, with violet light, lying in a purple light lamp, and infusion, a stay is four days after the transfusion decreased quickly jaundice, looking at the hospital twice a day, the day began to 17, and then slow down, until the fourth day, when the intermediate index is high and low, wandering around 13, discovery has increased, it began to infusion, the effect is obvious in the hospital for four days later, the doctor approval can go home looking 12.529, 27, no. 5 looking 11.91 looking 9.2 doctors have no requirements for nosocomial re-launches regularly to, but I can see, the daughter of the skin or a little bit yellowish, probably a month after the skin is slowly turned white with mother daughter blood type-identical, excluded pathological jaundice. does such a situation, the daughter of the brain are affected? after the child’s IQ? poor parental love, thought, feeling bad, high people pointing

Relevant knowledge

Neonatal jaundice is neonatal bilirubin concentration of important clinical symptoms.

Divided into physiological jaundice, pathological jaundice, common in hemolytic disease, infection and congenital malformation of biliary tract, including: 24h after birth, the serum bilirubin concentration > 6mg/dl; term infants > 12mg/dl, premature > 15mg/dl; daily increased speed > 5mg/dl; fade delay > 2-4 weeks or withdrawal and reappearance; serum binding bilirubin > 2mg/dl.

Cause: too much bilirubin builds, such as hemolytic disease, cephalohematoma, visceral bleeding and serious infections; immature liver function; intestinal-hepatic circulation increases, such as delayed fetal discharges.

Complications: bilirubin encephalopathy.

Treatment: blue light therapy; exchange transfusion therapy; drugs (enzyme inducer, plasma or serum albumin, Chinese medicine).

Care essentials

Regression jaundice: phototherapy; reasonable feeding, milk; promoting row of meconium aspiration; hematoma: aseptic operation of aspiration, bandaging 2-3 days; necessary to prepare and care for Exchange transfusion.

Psychological care: to meet the psychological needs in children, often funny cited, went on er eradicate skin hunger. Relieve anxiety in children with parents.

Regular visits: If Exchange transfusion therapy, there should be observed; in the event of late anemia kernicterus, should observe any sequelae-kernicterus fallot (foot-Xu and eye movement disorder, hearing impairment, enamel hypoplasia, etc.).

Evaluation of results

Skin huangran dissipated before bilirubin encephalopathy; parents basic nursing, adapt to new roles.

My baby was born Fortunately, 14 days of jaundice index jumps, hospital treatment has 4 days, also had a brain CT, the doctor said okay after the full moon. subsequently to the hospital to check a little muscular tension, said, might be the jaundice quoted to do intervention. but now he is also good, in addition to developing more slowly than other children, other are also good, but don’t you worry! other you can give a child a brain CT see Isaac, you will be assured some! I wish you a healthy and happy family baby!


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