3-year-old child often high fever, I just haven’t registered users now, future compensatory for everyone!

My kids 3 years 2 months, and now people thin, not like Halo, tightly close for a month and a half months will repeat a previous illness are basically the same, a start fever, he ate contaminated, later ruizhi Ching, at night and sleep during the night and burned, so two days later, take him to the hospital, the inspections are white fine bag is too high, usually 3 times, sometimes even six times higher, and c-reactive protein as are many times, there is a dip in the throat, swelling, and fever are like this, do not know why, only to continue his anti-inflammatory, drop! now send a burn almost all hospitals go spend a thousand dollars to good! is there a way to overcome this illness, usually should give their children what precautions! kids people thin, should give him what supplements, appetite is also less!

My family has one child, fast-2 years old, still good, and sometimes fever 38.5 degrees today, may to the last night, and no amount of 39.5, midnight, up to he posted a patch of ice Po, he went to bed not noisy, morning took 38.5, he ate ruizhi, this child and sometimes fever gave him pastes, eat for fever, I would like to ask this medication does not burn and does not have the inflammation is, white blood cells will not be like my children so high, it is still good?, hidden danger exists inside the hospital to see it? thank you experts answer!

Not had a fever and do not represent no inflammation, which is separate from the fever not only son!, inflammation can have you repeatedly have a fever. So I feel your baby has the key question is, should complete the inflammation inflammatory to cure disease to good. The next time no matter what the child has a fever, hurry to the hospital, don’t give your baby the delay. But there are signs of doctors can better judge the illness. In General, I was 37 ° not taking medicine to drink more water, 37-38 degrees, medicine, not buttocks; 38 degrees above, go to the hospital before considering an injection.

Zhanjiang modern male hospital treatment for infertility how

I and my wife were married for over two years, we have no children, friends and I went to Zhanjiang modern male hospital look, I would like to ask where does the treatment of infertility? thanks!

Very good! I husband originally got the infertility, watched many hospitals have a large effect, then the friends went to Zhanjiang modern male hospital hospital, very good, full confidentiality, now our baby white fat, thanks to Zhanjiang hospital doctors, that is their address: Guangdong Zhanjiang xiashan district green pond road 132, and numbers: 0759-2866666, you can ask.


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