The children go to Gymboree is crying! Confinement can wash your hair?

My home babe one-year-old seven months, was a small boy, from six months to begin in the Gymboree, nine months because of a flow, stopped for more than two months. Go back to class went a bit adaptation, 3, 4 lessons in the past have changed in the future. But one and four months after weaning, children do not attend classes. See bubbles, began to cry, then do not enter entertainment classroom. About two weeks later, the music nor into the classroom. Now into the Gymboree, a shoes started crying. And he wasn’t looking for the children to play. Originally, let the children go to school so that he learns to play, love to play. But now has become a child of the shadows. What should I do? after kindergarten children this will not be affected? please mother help me think of a way, thank you!

So, I think you need to create more confidence in your baby, you can advance to go there with your baby and familiar environment. Want to know how the baby why don’t like the place, is not like there’s people and the environment or something. If your baby does not like it, you can change the environment also, don’t give your baby. Usual bring baby to outdoor activities, baby guts out will not be crying.

Danone yogurt to heating?

Danone yogurt shelf life is one month, is to be stored at 2-6 degrees of refrigerators, cold, now days compared to babies drink energy heating? with several strains, will not be damaged, nutrition?

Yoghurt is not heated, not only the loss of nutrients, tastes will change. Remove from the freezer into the Interior to reach room temperature can give the baby to drink. If you are afraid of dairy absorption is not enough, you can give your baby eat cheese. If you want the microoganisms in yogurt, you can use another supplement, such as Hopson, Golden bifid or abdominal on lactic acid bacteria. Winter is colder, yoghurt, cold food is best not to give your baby eat more.

Confinement can wash your hair?

Grandma said, “a month will not be able to wash your hair, remember just how incredible Ah? What is a must for a month before you can wash your hair?

Wash your hair is fine, as long as her hair washed mopping-up immediately, if you use the hair dryer blew my hair and not directly on the scalp. Confinement in physical deficiency, head, hands, other parts of the body, cannot be affected by the wind, this means not to be blown onto the wind directly, and do not touch the cold things. But lived to ventilation to keep the air fresh, the suitable temperature.

The book has suggested that cooked with ginger, washing head effect will be better.

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