Baby (one year old) are a little cough, shortness of breath, win, belly banged call, it should be no problem?

Listen and differentiation of 1, the common cold: coughing accompanied phlegm, not with shortness of breath or rapid breathing, hoursof; 2, pertussis: violent and hoarse cough of array — an array of cough breathing for up to 25.

Child forced inspiratory time will high-pitched ROAR song; 3, asthma: persistent cough and wheeze is often accompanied by a cough or shortness of breath, lasted for more than 10 days, at night or in the campaign will increase after the illness, but when the child exposure to pollen, animal dander, cold, dust or fumes, cough will increase; 4, influenza: issued by the throat, slightly hoarse cough, cough from time to time, sometimes dry cough, sometimes bowels; 5, bronchiolitis: cough, phlegm or accompanied by wheezing, shortness of breath, faint, or difficulty in breathing; 6, reflux Esophagitis: the child eating after asthma and sustained his throat cough; 7, meaning membranous laryngitis: represented as strong a dry cough, the sound is very clear, similar to the seal’s roar, typically occurs in the middle of the night.

This sound different than you ever heard of cough. 3. home care shuguang hospital Professor for Yong TANG: optical pills do not care, baby disease recovery. Therefore, parents should be aware of the importance of home care. Can care should start from what? · life care 1, encourage children to rest. Sleep several pillows available when the children back and head up to prevent secretion of mucus drip into his throat. The baby may be at the head of the delegation of a pillow cushion; 2, to let children have a smoke free environment, keep indoor air circulation to avoid gas, dust, and other stimuli; 3, children do not bathe in, because the bath makes the blood circulation and to be quiet, and then cold.

Sputum children will increase as a result of the bath, only on sick secretion from a week later, a slight cough in the morning, appetite, can play, not a fever, can sleep a bath once a, sleep well, since you can wash once a day; 4, reducing the time for outdoor activities, do not go to the crowded public places; 5, for recurrent cough sick child, usually physical exercises should be strengthened to enhance resistance; 6, attention, attention and warm weather, timely change clothes diet nursing General ·. the principle is: 1, giving children and delicious, light, nutritious diet; 2, less salty, sour and spicy taste heavy food,; 3, give warm diet, noodles and soup is good; 4, do not eat cold food and drink, away from the ice cream, ice cream, ice-water.

In addition, when the rapid flow of cough from respiratory tract mucous away moisture, water shortage causing mucosal inflammation, so parents should pay attention to kids to drink more water, eat more fruit. III. other circumstances induced cough 1, if the child’s cough is the sudden onset, beware not to choke up things, encouraging him to cough up a foreign body.

Otherwise the doctor immediately, you must race against the clock. 2. because of cough and phlegm blockages, it is necessary to help the expectoration. Specific practices: you sit down and let the baby head downward in your lap, the baby’s head is placed below the spittoon. Then use the Palm in rhythm Pat his back, not too hard. Use of shock slap, the depth of the airway mucus discharge up.

At the same time encourage the children to abdominal force expectoration and spit into the basin. Finally, if you find that your baby has a cough that parents should make sure he won’t catch cold, otherwise it may cause bronchitis. If indoors, turn off air conditioning cold wind or air leakage of the door; if outdoors, find a typhoon, or you can use the body as a child to resist cold.

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