What to eat during pregnancy can cause milk more Ah

Listen to a postpartum classmate said that now the maternal ten has eight milk enough. Maybe now environmental pollution, food additives and more. I want to finish the children for breastfeeding, you ask.

After pregnancy, mother to be how much taste and appetite will play some changes. In early pregnancy, many Mommy becomes “eat”, this does not much, want to eat eat early in pregnancy, when there is no need to suppress your appetite.

Course, food is a good idea to light, easily digestible. Pregnant women in the diet should pay attention to what issues? diet during pregnancy notice every day the best eating 4 meals, interval not too long. Pregnancy diet note and some pregnant women eat all day due to pregnancy, chocolate, confectionery, biscuit, body fat, but in fact did not get the right nutrition. Diet during pregnancy notice If a poor appetite, eat, eat more protein-rich foods and fresh fruit, vegetables, etc.

Diet during pregnancy notice if the appetite, hunger, two meals extra 1 boiled eggs. Do not eat sweets, cakes, so as not to undermine the dietary balance. Diet during pregnancy notice to develop the habit of not favoritism, avoid eating greasy food, difficult to digest; don’t eat too precise or not too hot and spicy food; eat fresh game, seafood, so as not to cause adverse reactions.

Advised to eat calcium more food fish, seaweed, milk and milk products and other foods containing calcium, and easy to be absorbed by the human body. Drugs in calcium lactate, Calcium Gluconate can take, but also from food intake as well. The iron should eat more food animal liver, kidneys, meat, shellfish, soy products, spinach, carrots, celery, rapeseed, kombu, and second, fish, eggs, etc.


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