Pregnant women with scrapie how to solve?

Some pregnant women in late pregnancy, partial or even full-body appears the skin itch. People treat the symptom happens to pregnant women as special “pregnancy”, but they don’t realize that maternal fetal skin itch may cause premature death, pregnant, postpartum hemorrhage, medicine is the disease known as “intrahepatic knot disease”.

The main symptom of the disease is pregnant or six months or seven months after the body begins to itch and itch of parts in the abdomen, minorities throughout the body. There’s only a mild itching, irritation of itchiness. But for a skin check is no exception. In addition to tickle, in a small number of pregnant women who can check out the naked eye is difficult to find a slight jaundice. Once pregnant, pruritus and jaundice in one or two days to disappear completely. If a pregnant woman became pregnant again, also has the same symptoms. Clinical investigation also found that the mother has the symptoms of pregnancy, daughter after pregnancy can also show the same symptoms that indicate their genetic potential. According to analysis, resulting in jaundice and pruritus is due to the oppression because fetal bile duct, causing poor, bile salt cannot be well excretion in liver stagnation, accumulation in blood, blood forming jaundice; dan salt in stimulating nerve endings, shown in the itching of clinical symptoms.

Intrahepatic knot disease causing fetal hypoxia, especially in the perinatal asphyxia phenomenon more obvious, and susceptible to causing maternal preterm and excessive bleeding after childbirth. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to obstetrics and gynaecology examination, particularly in the perinatal period cannot be found to the effect that if there is an exception among pregnant women, should strengthen the monitoring, ensuring peace of pregnant women and fetuses.

Urgent!!, being pregnant preparation before some days check rubella virus antibody, do not know want inoculated?

Preparing for pregnancy, examine the results came out like this: 1. arch type of antibody IGM0.51 (reference value is less than 0.600); 2. rubella virus antibody .226 (less than 0.800); 3. rubella virus antibody IGG9.89 (less than 10.0); 4. Cytomegalovirus antibody IGM0.162 (less than 0.600) doctor asked me to play at that time, rubella vaccine didn’t ask, I don’t know what’s going on, just tell me the prevention of needle after three months does not want to have a baby, but also destroyed, I can not play the? July because the plan is to really anxious! I! I have a dog, but I never touch trouble know friends or the doctor told me acoustic

Your child if you had rubella infection acquired immunity, even contact the rubella disease patients will not be infected, the first 16 weeks of pregnancy is most dangerous period. For pregnancy before testing the blood of rubella antibody negative for pregnant women, in contact with rubella 3 weeks after checking if-positive is to terminate a pregnancy.

You are not pregnant, do not touch with rubella, I think it can be to your baby.

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