Your baby often drink milk drink qushi soups as well?

Your baby often drink milk will not be moisture very heavy Ah, often drink milk the baby to not drink qushi soups, which breaking qushi drink best? 11 months of your baby eat rotten rice which do what food to eat, but how is this dish? usually burn something to drink the best soups?

Baby needs a large quantity of water per day, per-feed water per meal milk production in half: the birth of the first week 30 ml; the second week 45 mL; 1 months after 50 ~ 60 ml; 3 months 60 ~ 75 ml; 4 months is 70 ~ 80 ml; 6 months 80 ~ 100 ml; 8 ~ 12 months 100 ~ 120 ml. Summer water should be appropriately increased.?A cold, fever and vomiting or diarrhea and dehydration when drinking water should be frequent. Remember that water is boiled water, fruit and fruit juice is no substitute for water.

Children’s drinking habits should gradually, small bowl with a bottle or can xiaoshao cannot be forced, in order not to produce a small amount of reverse psychology; can feed water several times, to science, baby feeding water to develop a good drinking habits.

1, newborn does fed sweet water. With a high concentration of sugar water to feed the newborn to accelerate intestinal peristalsis, or produce. The sugar concentration when adult taste like sweet non-sweet in between.

2. the best drinking water. Drinks which contain a lot of sugar and more electrolytes, drink it, time remaining, and adverse to the stomach.

3. do not give the baby a meal to feed water, drink plenty of water to dilute the gastric juice, is not conducive to food digestion can also affect appetite. Half an hour before dinner you can drink a small amount of water, increased secretion of saliva in the mouth, helps food digestion.

4. do not give the baby before bed to feed water, baby also cannot themselves full control of urination, drink water more easily enuresis and affect sleep.

5. do not give the baby to drink ice water. Drink ice water can easily lead to gastric mucosa vasoconstriction, affect digestion or cause spastic colon.

Vegetables water 1, wash the vegetables and dip in for one hour, and then pull out shredding. 2, a small bowl in a pan with boiling water, put in the dish, lid tight lid and then boiled for 5 minutes until the temperature when you go to the food residue suitable by adding a little bit of salt, to taste salty to degrees. Suitable for 3 ~ 5 months baby food. Note the vegetable soup should be used with boiled with so long on the vitamin c failure.

You can do vegetable soup to boil the cabbage shredding to baby to drink, then a vegetable dish, mud to broken after adding it to observe the baby’s stool.


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