Pregnant moms have to drink milk? Mommy

Eight months pregnant, was friends with many of them drank the milk, but also heard that the milk is not good to drink, I wouldn’t want to buy, but also heard a baby better, now very contradictory know shouldn’t drink?

I think the diet which may not be so comprehensive, preferably maternal milk drink, recipes are designed for pregnant women, more able to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women’s comprehensive, I just drank a bottle, but you now have 8 months, do not drink, advanced, don’t drink too much milk, it is the doctor told me.

Uterus, uterine cavity visible fetal imaging, fetal head is located in the lower abdomen, upper abdomen fetal hip is located, BDP: 83mm, complete skull rings, intracranial structures appear clear, brain Transfer Center, nuchal see “U” impression, spinal neat and tidy, the fetal heart rate of 130 times/min, Fiqh, femur length diameter 63MM, placenta is located in the anterior wall of the Palace, thick 30MM, level 2, the following margin margin within the estuary of the cervix, amniotic fluid index > 60MM 53/41/63/38MM, fetal abnormality is not see clear lip. The other shows the umbilical cord around the neck. The doctor says amniotic fluid on the high side to ask sister door have know? fetus appears to be standard, or is small or large side, can see gender is a man or a woman? have heard of the navel, notably boy, I was a girl? there are today blood pressure is 130/85, than before pregnancy up to 110/70, the doctor said to eat less salt, light up, Sisters help look, many references to the comments!

My son’s head with long hair on the scalp is black, a birthmark?

My son was three months cut hair, cut out hair was found where the landlord scalp with long hair is black, dotted cyan, her husband said that the hair post, all right, my mother-in-law said is the birthmark, inverted bottom is going on, I see another baby cut out fat after the scalp is white, the colors are the same, my baby’s scalp how color is not the same? if so, then how can the birthmark on her head?

Like fetal Tsing, it does not matter, the President of the baby are just parts of different, as the baby grows up, will gradually disappear.

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