4 alarms Let Dad avoid huoji next generation

Brought before pregnancy and during pregnancy and the drugs, many mothers know extreme care. However, but few people know that expectant fathers improper drug use, and as such may have an impact on the baby. Prenatal diagnosis, experts say wife pregnant former husband abused drugs, may have a range of adverse consequences, which is often neglected by many people.

Warning: improper medication can affect sperm clinical studies have shown that some drugs are used inappropriately or using excessive, would have adverse effects on male sperm. Antihistamine medicine, anticancer, caffeine, colchicine, morphine and steroids, diuretics drugs and may cause congenital defects or resulting in infant growth retardation, abnormal behavior after birth, brain tumors. “Modern genetic studies have shown that not only teratogenic factors related to mother, quite a lot of the teratogenic factors will come from the father”, experts point out that healthy sperm and the egg to develop healthy lives, if a problem with the male semen, even if the mother has a great ability, and can only be “at the residue j-sigh”. In this case, the fertilized eggs even if bred to form embryos, may also develop unhealthy development of the embryo, can easily cause miscarriage, brought obstacles to the aristogenesis.

Warning II: prenatal away from harmful chemicals also, stay away from harmful chemicals, alignment for fathers also have great significance. Experts say arsenic, Tin, lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, cobalt, after entering the body of harmful chemical substances such as benzene, are usually assembled into male reproductive system, so that sperm quality. Therefore, there are plans to bear and his wife, should take precautions before the birth, as far as possible from these risk factors.

“If you really can’t avoid exposure to harmful chemicals or radioactive material, it is important to proper personal protective measures, improve their health awareness, wife after pregnancy to hospitals on a regular basis, and unusual when consulting a professional physician, listen to professional medical advice given timely treatment”.

Three alarms: alcohol abuse can cause low birth weight infants alcohol abuse was also expectant fathers to take care of things. United States medical community do a survey shows that chronic poisoning caused by long-term alcohol consumption of young father with varying degrees of sexual desire in most poor semen quality, lighter weight and they give birth to children, not only for feeding difficulties and resistance of the body immunity, speed of growth and development, intellectual development of the nervous system are subject to different effects. Experts pointed out that alcohol alcohol poisoning in various cells in the human body, including male germ cells and “a wife is pregnant if husbands drinking much before, or because of sexual intercourse causes pregnancy after alcohol abuse, would suffer residual sperm and the egg, might eventually lead into caused by malformations of the embryo or low birth weight infants”.

Four alarms: smoking increases the risk for fetal abnormalities in male to smoke behind the injury crisis may likewise make semen. Experts pointed out that the chemicals in cigarettes are called mutagens, if entering the reproductive system, may lead to changes in the genetic material of germ cells. The longer a smoking, poor quality, the more sperm, as lower health of sperm, sperm activity also slowly reduced. Experts caution that husband smoking pregnant women before pregnancy and pregnancy, birth of congenital birth defects increases, increases the ratio of fetus in prenatal death.

Expectant fathers before pregnancy should pay attention to what issues?

Her husband not to abuse drugs, not to use estrogen-containing skin care lipids. Many chemicals, such as estrogen, reserpine, chlorpromazine, and so on will all affect the viability of sperm and a substantial increase in the number of abnormal sperm.

Husband to do not a partial eclipse. Sperm needs to be generated high quality protein, calcium, zinc and other minerals and trace elements, such as arginine, vitamin. If PTV, lacks these nutrients in diet, sperm is affected or will produce some low quality sperm.

Obese husband in the process of losing weight, not that his wife is pregnant. Because the bulk of the body, keeping more harmful chemicals, certain fat-soluble chemicals, such as 666, organochlorine pesticides such as DDT and PCBs are carcinogenic chemicals stored in fat. In General, the sediments in the adipose tissue of environmental pollutants, less toxic to people, but in the process of rapid weight loss, body fat reserves will be soon catabolism, and accumulated toxins in the fat, is free to enter the person’s blood, which cause direct or indirect damage to sperm.

Husband to keep a good and stable emotions. If recurrent depression, worry, or cranky, dysfunction of the brain cortex, resulting in the nervous system, endocrine function, spermatogenesis and sexual function without stability, influence sperm production and quality.

Husband to abstain from tobacco and alcohol. Alcohol damage to sperm, as early as familiar to people, of various harmful substances in tobacco will kill sperm. Should be at least 3 months before the pregnancy stopped drinking and smoking.

Married men engaged in spraying pesticide, herbicide and other work, at least in 70 days, avoid his wife pregnant. Lead, Pan, effects of purine, gossypol chlorine o, propane and other industrial chemicals, the build process can affect sperm, so before the wife is pregnant, her husband should be as little exposure to such chemicals.

Last male experts also reminded prospective fathers, do not wear tight jeans. Tight-fitting jeans oppression not only male reproductive organs, affect the normal development of testes, but also because without ventilation, thermal, and is detrimental to the survival of sperm. Testis under normal conditions temperature 3 ° c lower than the temperature ~4 ℃. Long drive will make the testicular and prostate perineum immediately on the seat cushion, long squeeze after ischemia, edema, inflammation, affecting sperm and semen and prostate fluid secretion of normal-induced infertility. Therefore, the expectant fathers should not be driving for a long time. Bathing not overheat.

Normally sperm must be kept at 34 ° c ~ 35 ° c constant temperature environment to normal development, the bath water temperature is too high are often dark v “the beholder”. Such as sauna room temperature can be as high as 70 ?? ~80 ??, bath temperature is higher than normal 1 time or more, is not conducive to the growth of sperm, or result in “dead fine” infertility caused by too much. Expectant fathers sauna bath should be used sparingly, usually, the bath water temperature should be at around 34 degrees centigrade.


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