Saving methods and considerations for breast

Mother wants to go to work, can’t stay with the baby all day, but little guy still breast-fed, how to have it both ways? Pour expressed breast milk is unfortunately, babies how storing breast milk supply? how the family reserve in advance of breast? here’s some breast milk saves method for everyone.

There are various closely related to the human body immunity in breast milk of nutrients, so her precious is irreplaceable, but when the baby was asleep, temporarily when you want to separate from the baby or mother, expressed breast milk is a real pity, how to store the milk supply baby food it? what to do with reserves of breast milk in advance about the family? here are some breast-saving way to everyone.

First, how to save a mother’s milk?

  1. 1 day to eat milk ice in the freezer.
  2. stockpile down milk with a clean container. If sterile plastic cylinders, bottles, plastic milk bags.
  3. when storing breast milk, each with a different container.
  4. with breast milk containers leave some gaps. Do not load too full or very tight lid.
  5. into small (60 ml to 120 ml) deposit, so convenient for families or a nanny under the food intake of infants fed and not waste, and stick a label on each breast and book a date.

Second, saving details of breast operations

  1. the first baby milk needed to mount set milk bags, it cooling in the refrigerator after saving.
  2. seal should write dates and capacity.
  3. with breast milk containers should be avoided on the refrigerator door, so as to avoid the temperature of the refrigerator door is not stable, milk easily spoil.
  4. can be breast milk bags use cling film wrapped, in a separate storage box or in the sealed bag, and then placed in freezers, you can avoid other foods affect, destroy the freshness of milk.
  5. eaten frozen thawed before (cold storage should be put in the refrigerator), or directly on the thaw at room temperature.
  6. after thawing should be gently shaking, breast milk and fat mix evenly.
  7. directly to the bag across the warm water heating or thaw milk poured into bottles water heating temperature.
  8. unavailable, or boiling method of microwave ovens to heat the milk so as not to destroy the nutrients of milk.
  9. after thawing breast milk do not freeze again, you should eat in a day, so that milk gone bad.
  10. collecting milk bottle after use clean disinfection to prevent scale milk residue bacteria.

Third, the considerations for storing breast milk

  1. mothers at milking must wash their hands before.
  2. in cold storage in the refrigerator or freeze breast milk can store.
  3. If the milk is fed to the BB when eating, you will need to use sterile breast pump breast pump;
  4. the milk must be refrigerated immediately after aspiration;
  5. breast milk can refrigerated storage at most 48 hours in the refrigerator (not placed on the refrigerator door), refrigerated storage for 3 months;
  6. if you go during the day in the cold storage of breast milk in the fridge, add new aspiration of breast milk, you will need to use sterile containers, and early breast milk saves time must not exceed 48 hours;
  7. after thawing breast milk should not be frozen again;
  8. do not include fresh milk in the Cryopreservation of breast milk.

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