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Sister’s son from birth to now have a week, but since the third day after his instead of breastfeeding has not discharged his son stool, does this situation normal newborn?

Give neonates with a bath, first of all be prepared for work, to prepare the bath items, such as small tub, shower and wash your hair in the towel, no tears shampoo, bath or baby SOAP, perfumed body lotion or talcum powder, etc., take a bath after the goods have to be prepared, such as towels, clean diaper, garment, coating, etc. Then, a bath room temperature to 25 °-30 ° c, prepare the bath water, temperature at 38 ° c-40 ° c, feels not hot, or drop in on the dorsum of the adults feel slightly hot and not hot, can also be used on adult elbow into the water, not hot but warm feeling. Ready to work well, you can begin to take a bath.

The bath should be scheduled in newborn infants before 1-2 hours in order to avoid spitting. Most of the 7 days of the umbilical cord has not fallen off, therefore, cannot be full body immersion in the water bath, but should be up and down identity from washing by: adult sitting small chair, to the newborn clothes, with a large towel will neonatal body wrapped for newborns, back to the left of the adult’s lap, the first to give neonates with shampoo, bath of newborn chengrenyong left-hand supporting newborn head and neck, his left thumb and middle finger from the neonatal head behind the auricle like cover like the orifice in the external auditory canal, in order to prevent a bath on the water’s ears, then in the right hand wash for newborns. Wash your hair with shampoo and preferably no irritation to eyes, so as to avoid the pain caused by inflow in the eye, after the fear in a shampoo or a bath.

After washing and must be clean, rinse and towel dry the hair gently. The second step is to wash the neck and upper body, first with large towel will lower body wrapped with tub, wash the neck, armpit, chest, back, arms and hands, wash after wash and wipe, attention, not to the upper body so that bath water inflow of umbilical. The third step is to use a clean, large towels to newborns upper body wrapped, and began to wash the lower body, then you should make the newborn on the adult’s left arm, head toward the left front of the adults, supporting newborn with his left thigh and abdomen, used for cleaning after perineal, then clean the groin, hips, legs and feet.

Note cleaning perineal, front to back, anal direction cleaning lotion male babies of vulva, baby’s circumcision gently lift and bathe to scale, to prevent subsequent coatings adhesion; cleaning baby perineal, separate large labia, gently rinse the dirt, but not hard scrubbing. After washing and dry with a towel. As in the summer, after the bath available with a little talcum powder cotton or chengrenyong hand coloured thin layer of talcum powder, gently to the newborn’s skin, and never can directly be talcum powder on neonatal body, prevent neonatal inhaled or loose in the eyes. In the skin fold at best no talcum powder can be coloured a little after disinfection of baby moisturizing oil to prevent skin erosion.

Newborns of perineal is sprinkled with talcum powder. Winter can be perfumed body lotion moisten with baby, baby skin to reduce surface friction. Finally give neonates pad diapers, clothing, bags wrapped up a little milk to feed, you can play the role of warm, then put in the crib, near neonatal will quiet sleep.

From birth to age 28 days this time known as the neonatal period, this is the mother-infant out gradually to adapt to life after the important process of the outside world. Neonatal tissues and organs function is still perfect, right at the end of the external environment adaptability, therefore, do home care for newborns is to promote the healthy development of infants.

1. psychological diaoshe: newborns have Visual, hearing, smell, touch, feel and performance of the activities of muscular tension, uncomfortable often to cry for external communication, attract the attention of parents. Therefore, parents will be as a newborn boy, more talk, play, and provide a variety of sensory stimulation, such as Kiss, caress, etc, make it a sense of security, satisfaction, this helps to develop children’s physical and mental health.

2. room ventilation: room should select facing South-facing rooms, it is best to keep at room temperature in winter 15 ℃, often wet sweeping the floor and open doors and Windows, ventilation, and avoid too many people access, keep the House clean.

3. strengthening nursing: neonatal equipment will be dedicated to clothing, diapers to select soft, absorbent, breathable and good light, pure cotton wash service for the Sun to dry. Changing to a bath daily, keep the skin clean, comfortable, bath water temperature to not burn the hand should generally 40 °-45 ° c to 22 ° c ambient temperature. Maintain a clean, dry umbilicus, each time taking a bath after a 2 per cent iodine tincture disinfection umbilical cord stump until the umbilical cord, dry no exudation. Should not be coated with powder, navels to avoid foreign body stimulation, causing the infection. After each bowel movement to rinse the hips, and gauze sucks, keep local clean dry diapers should be flat to prevent diaper dermatitis. If reddened, available 5% tannic acid ointment and scrub. Keep the ear canal and ear clean, prevent the tears with vomiting caused by logistics ears road, otitis media. Newborn eye sometimes visible purulent exudate, this is due to the birth canal, caused by bacterial infection, available bland exterior antibiotic eye drops, daily 2-3 times 1-2 drops. Delicate newborn oral mucosa, vulnerable to injury and infection, it is not appropriate to scrub oral.

4. breastfeeding breastfeeding economic, easy, nutritious ingredients susceptible neonates absorption, and rich in antibodies and improve maternal feelings, so as to to breast-feeding. Each time a breastfeeding before cleaning the nipple, alternating left and right for the benefit of breastfeeding and lactation. Breastfeeding should be after hold infant upright, Pat on the back, to exhaust the air inhaled, prevention of vomiting. Promotion of on-demand breastfeeding, children have the hunger of the crying, should also be lactation and breastfeeding interval of not more than 3 hours. When the weight of slow growth and reduce the amount of urine, consider breastfeeding, while adding milk, still insist on breastfeeding, lactating mother illness not breastfeeding may consider when feeding with milk. According to the baby’s digestive capacity and weight, the preparation of 3: 1 or 4: 1 milk, full moon after feeding whole milk.

5. keep timely: newborn clothing should easily soft, warm, and should not put a lot of clothes or the package is too tight. Sleep could not be covered. Bathing, babycare, diaper and feed when warm, prevent cold.

Home care for newborns requires not only careful and patient, but more scientific. If improper care, may incur neonatal diseases occur, thereby endangering the infant mental health and quality of life. If there are other exceptions in neonates, should promptly get medical help, treatment, in order to avoid delays.

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