Vaginitis is often repeated menstruation? Foshan well?

In addition to abdominal pain, Dingbat negative amount, color, taste, and so there is no exception. Foshan, of course, if there’s Zhongshan hospital does not understand, you can consult the following Web site to other professional doctors, like Foshan gynecological network of gynecological asked expert advisory platform consulting doctors answer questions, you can try.

Ogilvy more milk?

My baby 4 months, mixed feeding, a day to eat two milk powder (beiyinmei period), are no problem before, most recently as if going to the not-so-good, a bit of constipation, some genius’s (formerly daily La), the doctor recommended that we change the formula to try to milk shop asked, give me more than the recommended Ogilvy (of Australia), said to be the most gentle, not mentioned, like many meizi, Whitworth a little chill out, ask Bo Ma, the milk we drink it, effect? well, Nestlé? other what recommended milk does not heat up?

This brand I had not heard of.

We have a New Zealand home brand karicare, had not mentioned it in every day, this brand is famous for, but unfortunately not yet introduced in China, to buy can only support New Zealand friends or relatives, without this relationship, you can only find in TB’s reputation and sales good sellers.

This milk is very good!

Have constipation after pregnancy will have any effect

I’m pregnant almost two months now, but this time there is always two or three days, constipation,? the baby will not have any effect? thank you

Constipation is the need for long-term treatment and recuperation, it is recommended that you use safe bowels of products to solve constipation, and their attention to eating habits and life patterns to be nursed back to health. Drinking Thai Si fluxes effect is pretty good, safe and effective, no side effects and dependencies of this very important. And which contain dietary fiber usually every day to drink a certain amount of water, the amount of food on time, good life law, sooner or later a glass of honey water, forming every morning bowel habits. Hope you get better soon!

Pregnancy 50 days having a lot of doubt hope someone help me

I probably just pregnant soon began to reflect a sick chills always sleepy little spirit even now have 50 days also so now is the point whether yuntu serious waking up as long as a few are hungry to panic is to spit this properly? I don’t have any bleeding condition but waist ache and belly bigger than before I eat much more than just sleep is not a sensible people say Ah Hin Huai Huai? non pain is not properly reflect the non-I sometimes switch gas hurts sometimes is stomach discomfort not to feel you said to go to the hospital doctor, others say it too you bothering me this is the first tire may be nervous about it just like the baby’s health through early 3 months in much reflect I endure, I would like to ask all prospective mothers have not kept pace with the symptoms I almost give me some help so I pressed it thank you

Heart good on the belly, with a happy mood and enjoy the joy of life gave birth to small, you this is a normal reaction, like you said you were too nervous, I will also do not want to eat but not eat and hungry of feelings and love sleepy mood had bothered, but after a response period, appetite, eat well why fragrant.

Do Wai Po Ah

I’m pregnant just three months, where do Wai Po Ah, fasting, and yet, for the first time to do what you do, check, how do you charge?

Throughout the whole pregnancy, formal perinatal care inspections should be 9 times or more. The first 13 weeks of pregnancy started checking, setting up the medical record; the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, pregnancy screening for down’s syndrome; to do sections 20 week General Wai Po; gestation 20 thoughtful article 36 weeks of pregnancy, every four weeks to go to the hospital for a check of surrounding insurance; 36 weeks of pregnancy, weekly to the hospital for a check of perinatal care. Go to the hospital, usually three hospitals are trustworthy. In the morning on an empty stomach, register first a table about content is the name, telephone number, age, date of registration cards, the last menstruation date, to do items with hepatitis b five, blood, urine, blood, bilirubin, 84 per cent. First check to check the fetal heart, exposal doses, etc. Perinatal health care best find a home close to the hospital, and convenient. Or you decide where to have children with respect to direct where do perinatal care.

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