The first three months of pregnancy cannot lie? Add supplementary food.

The first three months of pregnancy to reduce sexual life during this period, the placenta has just formed, also not stable.

Easy to cause abortion

Therefore, it is recommended that you minimize the trimester to normal life, but also to grasp the power of ML and postures when, in order to avoid encounter unexpected fetus.

In late pregnancy (after 3 months)—no sexual life!!!!!, Tad.

PS: “half months pregnant …”, the placenta is not fully formed, no right of may rely on it.

Add supplementary food

My daughter is 5 months, I have given her added rice flour and porridge (every other day to eat), whole egg, Apple, but I don’t know whether to add the vegetables, how to add? in addition to her every day now I eat milk powder milk, but she did not want to eat, every time you want to take a long time, I do not know how to improve it. Thank you!

5 months of children or to milk to eat every day, 800-1000 ml milk. To ensure that milk production by adding supplementary food. You can add vegetables, resting on a change in the amount of changes in the stool.

My baby is 7 months, calcium, zinc, fish oil supplements do?

My baby is 7 months, calcium, zinc, fish oil supplements? how our tests show trace reports are not lacking anything, except for zinc and gave the doctor with the calcium, zinc, cod liver oil. You think necessary?

7 months your baby is longer than one and a crucial period of long teeth, diet alone is unable to meet the needs of your baby, it is necessary to pay attention to the baby cod-liver oil and calcium supplements. Calcium and vitamin D can take half an hour after meal, calcium, zinc, cod liver oil to interval between half an hour. This time the baby need vitamin D400IU every day, if there is no lack of calcium can also supplement of intermittent, usually have to go to outdoor activities, more sun, more in the complementary foods increase calcium-rich food, guarantee a certain amount of milk.

Baby pronunciation is intermittent?

Baby in two months, “Ah outta sight!” to pronounce someone playing with her, she would say, will himself be also sometimes several days talking, how funny would not say, what?

This is normal, the baby in the emotional high when you play with her she will “speak”, when her emotions when you how funny her she said “no”, so you need not worry, as long as you have time various and baby “chat” to help the baby’s language development.

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