Baby old cough is the trachea?

The baby has three years of age, the other day to eat a few seeds, then coughs, not choking, after look at nothing, but the future is always a slight cough cough, day 6, 7, once it is 2-3, these two days the cough was serious, find old doctor look at say, the trachea and some certain inflammatory, I worried about, this is the respiratory tract? can kids do not breath nor silk sound

This is my saved the information on the QQ, compatibility see — Patients should have a clear foreign material history, its symptoms can generally be divided into the following four phases:   

1. on entering the stage: the patient more than eating in sudden severe cough, cough and stem of the array and can appear asthma, hoarseness, cyanosis and breathing difficulties. If small and smooth the activity of the foreign body, such as seeds, grain, etc., can be used in patients cough, hearing the foreign body upward impact the rattling sound of glottis, hands in front of larynx and trachea may have vibration sense. foreign body if larger, blocking the trachea or windpipe branches near the Carina, allows both sides of the main bronchus of ventilation to be serious obstacles, so in the event of a serious respiratory difficulties, even suffocation and death.

2. quiet period: If foreign objects are small, not much, or irritating foreign bodies endobronchial via the trachea to enter, you may be in a period of time, expressed as coughing and choking noises very mild symptoms, or even disappear. presence or longer or shorter asymptomatic period, so that diagnosis easy to neglect. 3. irritation or inflammation period: plant trachea, because the acid-containing free, on a clear airway mucosa of the stimulatory effect of. beans trachea, absorbent after expansion, and therefore prone to airway obstruction. foreign body in airway memory remain longer, heavier reaction is also beginning to irritant-cough, followed by the increase of tracheal endocrine, tracheal mucous membrane swelling, but a persistent cough, atelectasis or emphysema symptoms.

4. complications period: foreign body can be incarcerated in a side of bronchial, long time, been granulation or fibrous tissue causing bronchial obstruction parcels, easily cause secondary infection. long trachea, have similar suppurative lung disease clinical manifestations: blood, phlegm atelectasis or emphysema, causing breathing difficulties and hypoxia

I always felt that parents with second is a little like, go to the hospital a bronchoscopy, hurry up and take care of. This will not delay.


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