Birth 5 days of baby constipation

3 days without bowel movements your baby has. my baby is pure milk feeding. ask doctors have any good idea?

I suggest or change a formula milk bars. with my home girl who eat too much beauty and kindness, the milk price is in gear, and more can offer many. actual price particularly high milk isn’t, but publicity bigger, playing some of the brands hard, mainly quality customs clearance on the line, the indicators have reached the national standard on the line or come back to say this-two milk, my home girl eating a lot of Termez is nothing special feelings, but when you really eat mercy stool-stem, and three days at a time, it is hard to find the brand-for agents who, she says we must press the callout ratio, said that my family is too strong, but we changed to an appropriate proportion, or dry, so he changed to flight of the cranes, the milk is cheaper than mercy to some.

And is a small package and had a period of time, and gradually the rest of the mercy of before eating, not waste it. So, eat for three days and flew the crane and eat for a day of Atonement, and phasing out of Atonement with eat, and no longer appears it dry.

New MOM need not worry, the kids eat milk powder will encounter these problems. Itself is rather warm milk, add the juice every day to appropriate and vegetable juice to get rid of body heat, so manufacturers can add milk powder appropriate honey so that baby can open defecation, you will see the baby diarrhea.

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