Discussion at nine months, finally succeeded

On 28 August last menstruation, 10 October found out. Discussion at nine months, and finally succeeded, with her husband secretly surfing the Internet, the sisters describes some of my experience, hope it helps for the sisters.

1, don’t blindly to the hospital, I was desperate to illness, maternity, a morning, hung up a Director, not five minutes I sent it out, let me next month to the fallopian tube. My month of pregnancy. Therefore, we must believe that the vast majority of couples are healthy, to give yourself time and confidence.

2. to let myself busy, distracting, not okay just not pregnant but bad. I just this month, busy preparing thesis, more than ten hours a day in front of a computer, no heart thought pregnancy, conceives. So long and unsuccessful sisters must find a way to let myself get busy.

3. throw away ovulation test, throw away the thermometer, not left pinch right, feel free to go, otherwise surreptitiously to their pressure.

4, I had a good month pregnant soup conceives, recommended for everyone. Angelica sinensis 50 g, 15 g of honeysuckle, red dates 10, black beans, brown sugar 1 2 two, three eggs, Angelica Honeysuckle use gauze wrapped and other things are put into the pot to boil every 6-7 minutes to knock on eggs, let the soup juice into eggs, finally, you can buy a bowl of soup.

Soup, red bean egg-eating. The first day of the month, you must be a hemorrhage after taking half a day. Get on with it, is the victory that God will not unfavourably treated every heart, I wish you sisters early with your family!

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