Women stopped eating in summer have some healthy?

The proverb says: “dog in pregnant women, abdominal hides in a furnace. “Gestational, pregnant women since metabolism is exuberant, heat production than ordinary people and elevated temperature of about 0.5 degrees centigrade, so summer pregnant women more afraid than the average heat. And once caught the dog days, then heat it is easy to make effect dehydration or sunstroke in pregnant women and fetal development.

So, what to do to get pregnant mother belly stove cool down? Looking at one side of the young people eat ice-cream, the pregnant Mummy Bear, MI also in pregnant women can eat ice cream? If you can’t eat, in the heat of the summer, how do we eat only cool?

Tip: pregnancy Mommy not eating ice cream

Reasons: some women after pregnancy due to heat like to eat cold drink, the body health. Pregnant women during pregnancy in gastrointestinal is extremely sensitive to hot and cold stimuli. Eat cold drinks can shrink gastro-intestinal blood vessel suddenly, reduce gastric juice secretion, digestive function decline, thereby causing anorexia, dyspepsia, diarrhea or even caused stomach spasms, radical abdominal pain.

Causes II: pregnant women of nasal, and pharyngeal, and tracheal, respiratory mucosa usually congestive and has edema, if large bulimia cold drink, congestive of vascular suddenly contraction, blood flow reduced, can led local resistance fell, order lurking in throat, and tracheal, and nasal, and oral in of bacteria and virus flight and into, caused voice pain dumb, and cough, and headache,, serious Shi also can caused Shang respiratory infection or led tonsil inflammatory,.

Reason three: the fetus will be a hit, it was found that fetus is also very sensitive to cold stimuli in the abdomen. When pregnant women to drink cold water, or having a cold drink when, restless in the fetus in the womb, fetal movement can become frequent. Therefore, pregnant women eat cold drink must be controlled, must not be greedy cold food at the expense of their own health and causing fetal unease.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, not eating ice cream and frozen watermelon was overwhelmed, but eating frozen food have so many hazards, then the heat of the summer, how do we eat only cool?

First, drink some tea, you can quench your thirst.

Tea contain tea polyphenols and aromatic oil, minerals, protein, vitamins and other nutrients.

But tea contains components, zinc-rich green tea, black tea extract zinc content in it is small. Zinc element on baby’s normal growth plays a critical role. Therefore, experts believe that the tea a pregnant woman can light green tea to drink in moderation, pale green tea on strengthening the heart and renal functions, improves blood circulation, helps digestion, prevent edema of pregnancy, fetal growth and development, is a world of good.

Light drinking green tea is good for on the fetus of pregnant women, but green tea also contains tannic acid, can also impede the absorption of iron. Pregnant women in 1 hour and then drinking pale green tea after dinner, it will not affect the absorption of iron. Drink not tea-drinking habits of pregnant women’s best beverage rich in vitamin c, vitamin c helps iron absorption, but also to enhance the body resistance.


Pregnant women drink tea if too many, too strong, especially drinking strong tea, would harm the fetus. Excitatory effects of caffeine in tea, drinking too much tea can stimulate increased fetal movements of the fetus, or even harm the fetus’s growth and development. Tea contains tannic acid, tannic acid and pregnant women in food and iron into a compound that cannot be absorbed by the body. Pregnant women if drinking too much strong tea they cause of anaemia in pregnancy, fetal congenital deficiency of iron deficiency anemia may also occur.

Second, some soup, and cooling.

Dried shrimps and white gourd soup: white gourd with plenty of water, heat-clearing and toxicity, Lee urination, thirst, inter alia in knots, qushi to escape the effects are edema swelling of pregnant women to share; dried shrimps are good sources of calcium. In the third trimester, mother to eat white gourd and dried shrimps, which can remove the edema in pregnancy, and supplemental calcium.

Emerald milk white gourd: edible part is green it tender broccoli stem and flower buds, nutritious, contain protein, sugars, fat, vitamins and beta-carotene, similar vegetable nutrition ranked first, known as “the vegetable in the Crown”. Broccoli taste Maria, crisp and refreshing, the flavor is delicious, fragrance, you impact, salad, soup, vegetable products. Winter melon contains protein and sugar, carotene, vitamin, iron, crude fiber and calcium, phosphorus and high potash content, low sodium salt content. Clearing, Lee white gourd water eliminating phlegm, eliminates the annoying thirst, removing moisture to escape.

Tomato soup: summer for a mother to poor appetite, may wish to refer some fruits into vegetables to enhance appetite, apart from tomatoes, pineapple, lemon, oranges are suitable as raw material of cooking food. If you prefer, you can also add vinegar to add dishes and delicious.

Third, drank some juice, is also a good choice.

Yogurt kiwifruit juice

Material: kiwifruit 2, yoghurt 250 g


1, the kiwifruit peel cut;

2, kiwifruit, yogurt in the juice machine, stirring homogenate.

Tip: kiwifruit sugar content in a slightly higher, but the kiwifruit seeds rich in vitamins e and c, juice machine and after breaking of fat in yoghurt mixed-fruit vitamin e better able to be absorbed, the glycemic index is correspondingly reduced, and rich in lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt and calcium are many drinks are very difficult to compare.

  • Mandar in Orange mango fruit apple juice
  • Material: mango half, half a Mandar in Orange one, Apple, honey 1 spoon


On 1, placed along the middle of mango (Shun mango nuclear) incision, take the block on, crossed a number of the line of intersection of with a fruit knife in the flesh, seize the flip at both ends, remove the pieces of mango flesh;

2, Apple and orange beef flap cut, placed in the Blender

3, add 150 ml of purified water, stir 30 seconds or so;

4, mixing is finished, add honey, can be eaten.

Tip: mango, Mandar in Orange, Apple, these three types of fruit are rich in vitamin c, short mixing can be preserved more vitamins, not including Peel, cellulose survived, juice taste is fresh, rich, is pregnant Mommy beautiful skin keep good drink.

Four, eat some fruit, healthy during pregnancy.

In the hot season, pregnant women additional moisture and salt and the rest is very important. Simple supplementary water can quench your thirst but cannot escape, excessive intake of salt, but not to quench their thirst can resist heat stroke, therefore suitable in pregnant women eat more melons can quench their thirst can escape, watermelon, melon, snake melon, cantaloupe, cucumber, etc are all edible. Foods rich in water and rich in electrolytes, summer a lot of good for pregnant women and fetus.


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