Baby dry stool

Here you provide two kinds: one is under one year of age, another is a years for your reference: many baby after adding complementary foods, defecation becomes irregular, and even constipation. So, how to add supplementary food science, and let the baby smooth defecation? take a look at experts recommended recipes.

Banana apples mud for 6 months baby material: banana half root, Apple half, children of honey in moderation. Production: respectively the bananas and apples shaved mud, and then in both fruit mud joined little children of honey, placed in the pot, riser steamed about 3 minutes. Nutrition Secrets: apples and bananas can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, is effective in the treatment of constipation diet products.

Banana milk porridge for 7 months of baby formula milk powder raw materials: 4 scoops, 1 bowl of porridge rice rotten, banana, raisins 1 root 10 grams.

Production: raisins shredding, formula milk powder into the cooked rice and stir in the rotten porridge, well mashed banana, milk porridge, to sprinkle with raisins unqualified. Nutrition Secrets: banana has plenty of potassium and vitamin C, will help the bowels, and improves baby’s immune system.

Carrot and cucumber sauce for 6 months baby material: 1 cucumber, carrots 1 root root. Production: cucumber, carrot cut into sections, in a small amount of mineral water in join the Blender, then add the cucumber and carrot juice, add a little sugar or dollar for milk can be. To the little baby to drink, you can press the 1: 1 to add water. Nutrition Secrets: cucumber and carrot in addition to the rich in vitamin, carrot contains large amounts of beta-carotene, vitamin C in cucumber, can prevent and relieve constipation.

Carrot peach porridge for 8 months baby ingredients: rice 25 g, 10 g of carrots, peach 5 flower. Production: the increase of the slow Cook, Cook for 5-8 minutes, in the end, carrot to sticky soft rot, will join the peach petal torn, slightly rolling. Nutrition Secrets: carrot peach porridge is traditional constipation diet recipe, which is rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. After Pediatric constipation? 1, constipation diet adjustment in children the majority were in the first case, adjusting diet after most constipation can be mitigated. How to prevent infant constipation?

Some children prone to favoritism phenomenon, and eating fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in fiber and too little results in reduction of food waste in the intestines, colon stimuli weaken causing constipation. Some children usually do not like activities, abdominal muscles and diaphragm, levator ani muscle weakened, intestinal peristalsis, defecation waning, can lead to constipation. Therefore, in order to correct the child’s eating habits, and adjust the diet, more feed enriched with cellulose fruits, vegetables and other foods, for infants and young children to embrace, not long on the cradle. This helps prevent constipation.

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