Just when you eat too many pregnancy drugs

Hello! my wife today just check 30 days of pregnancy, however early in the pregnancy and the flu fever medicine, eat a lot of good few days also ate some package toothache dental medicine, count up the days just recently pregnant then AH. I do not know the effects on the fetus are not that many people have recommended not to remain good. these infants have much influence it???

Pregnant early mother take medicine to the fetus is affected, in particular the fertilized 3-8 weeks (stop after 5-10 weeks) is embryonic organs differentiation formation period, extremely vulnerable to external factors causing fetal malformations, in the case of “teratogenic highly sensitive period”.

Don’t know what to take any medicine, if not in this sensitive issue, usually on the fetus of relatively will smaller, but the specific effect of cannot be predicted, and individual differences also exist. If there is a growing demand, suggest that you consult gynecologists, and completes the work, prenatal testing may 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, prenatal diagnosis (including b-), for further information on fetal growth and exclude fetal malformations.

JMM, I almost four months pregnant, you can begin to eat calcium tablets?

I have three months from the point to test a slight lack of calcium, the doctor recommended that I take calcium, leli said leli calcium chelated with is in and the absorption of calcium, well, yesterday I started taking it, a few months to stop?

I’m pregnant when you have to listen to the teacher for four months starting calcium supplement, seven months later, it is best not to fill, so as not to affect children easy delivery, in fact, I was off to eat the small bottle leli, I also had two bottles, if you don’t have a leg cramp at night also can not eat the CZE, avez pregnant.


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