How do I see blood test report

Question: How do I see blood test report: 40 off end there are 0 days 2 hours of my son this year 5-year-old kindergarten examination when blood tests, teacher and parents report, and parents that the child’s specific situation, so would like to ask the informed, how to look at the blood test report form. Report on several exceeding: NEUT # neutral class cell lymphocyte 1.41 LYMPH% absolute percentage 57.91 MONO% monocyte percentage 9.6 BASO% percentage basophil cells 1.71 NEUT% neutral class cell percentage 26.62 HCT hematocrit and red blood cell distribution width 35 RDW-SD (SD) 34.6 P-LCR large platelets ratio 44 please help answer, thank you on this issue: issue supplement: can you add details to get a more accurate answer; increasing a reward: raise reward points to raise issues of concern; increase the reward points you can raise issues of concern, and will extend the validity of 3 days.

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Your child’s health should be no problem. Although I am not a doctor, these do not quite understand, but my daughter was four years old, sometimes because the fever to a blood test, I will do this several consulted a doctor, the doctor seems not too much attention to these numbers, just tell me nothing.

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