This reaction is normal

If you become pregnant, but hasn’t arrived a month, this time of nausea, breast pain is normal, not a month will have a reaction?

Early reaction, everyone is different, some are sleepiness, some people are afraid of the cold, some people smell-mate will feel uncomfortable. These symptoms usually appear in menopause 6 weeks later, generally lasts until 3 months of pregnancy. Each person’s situation will vary and individual hormone-related, some early reaction time longer, until the 16-18 weeks just disappear.

Many women in more than 6 weeks of pregnancy, nausea, vomiting, and generally appear in the morning hours. Symptoms of mild to appetite, nausea and sometimes vomiting, van; few symptoms clearly, what to eat and what not to eat spit also spit, vomit is not limited to the morning, and a special sensitive sense of smell, the smell offensive odours can cause vomiting.

From the beginning a few weeks after pregnancy, moms will find breast swelling and even some pain, squeeze the nipple will produce viscous yellow colostrum. And as the hypertrophy of breast, breast up something similar to the masses. These are the inevitable experience being a mother, from the Zygote to bed I hit up, accompanied by changes in hormones, breast or make a corresponding response, for the next lactation.

Oh, so your reaction is normal, good peace of mind through pregnancy, wait until the cute little baby born on that day, to be a healthy and happy mother!

Cervical erosion during pregnancy “disaster”

Most women after marriage with varying degrees of cervical erosion. After pregnancy as pregnancy month progresses, levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body of pregnant women continue to improve, the columnar epithelium of cervical outward migration, tissue hyperplasia, symptoms of cervical erosion significantly increased when prone to vaginal bleeding; excessive sex, eating chocolate, pepper, dried longan and so hot and pungent foods or hot pot will also increase the bleeding symptoms. Such hemorrhage and spontaneous abortion, uterine contraction, separation of placenta and uterus bleeding caused by different, don’t directly affect fetal development. Just in time to stop the bleeding, pregnancy can still be normal progress. If not timely treatment will affect pregnancy ultimately leading to miscarriage.

Prolonged vaginal bleeding can affect the body’s defense mechanisms to enable vulnerable reproductive system infection in pregnant women. More developments may contribute to infection, resulting in infection of membranes, membranes rupture prematurely. With the loss of amniotic fluid, fetal conditions of normal growth will disappear, abortion was inevitable.

Cervical erosion and threatened abortion hemorrhage caused bleeding in blood loss, timing, color, and patients difficult their identification, so timely medical help. After vaginal dilation, erosion of cervix bleeding lesions can be on at a glance. Systemic and local treatment can be divided into two areas, mainly to stop bleeding and infection control, or under the guidance of doctors with progesterone or a miscarriage of traditional Chinese medicine.

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